Community Plan

The Shxw’ōwhámél First Nation Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) is intended to provide guidance to our community on a number of key areas that are vital to maintain a healthy and sustainable community. The process of developing this CCP has provided our community the opportunity to develop a vision for the future taking us to 2030, based on our core values and principles while also identifying the key actions that will need to be undertaken to achieve our vision.

What is  a Comprehensive
Community Plan?

What is  a Comprehensive Community Plan?

Shxw’ōwhámél has undertaken significant work in the past 1.5 years to develop this CCP. This includes numerous community engagement sessions with our membership in order to determine what we should do to address a variety of issues. This is critical as our community grows and we forge ahead in a new future where opportunities to negotiate meaningful benefit and accommodation agreements with third parties have significantly improved due to our rights and title are being recognized and upheld. In this new environment, it is important that our visions, goals, and proposed actions are clearly articulated and endorsed by our community.

A Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) is an approach to community planning that integrates a number of key priority areas for growth and development in the community. Our CCP provides Si:yá:m Council, staff and the community direction on how key issues in the community should be addressed leading towards self-sufficiency, and provides a community-endorsed plan that can be used to leverage funding and partnerships from
external agencies.

Our vision statement guides all the work that we do.

Shxw’ōwhámél will continue to support
each other on working towards a healthy,
educated, cultural and self-sufficient

hí:kw • Our Values

Unbroken Aboriginal Rights and title to our land

Leadership by our respected Si:yá:m Council

Full engagement of and accountability to
our membership

Mutual support and sharing within and amongst

Respect for our traditional cultural values and
our history

Management of our community and our lands
for future generations

t:weséleq •

Shxw’ōwhámél First Nation has a custom electoral system and is governed by Si:yá:m. Si:yá:m Council are respected people in the community who have been appointed, by their families, to provide leadership

Si:yá:m Councillors may consider adopting portfolios in order to keep the Council informed of developments pertaining to Band issues. Si:yá:m Councillors elected as the portfolio holders are not authorized to make decisions in their field, but provide the Council with detailed information and recommendations so the Council can make a decision as a whole group generating equality and fairness. The portfolio holder will be responsible for upholding the decisions and opinion of the Council. The purpose of this governance structure is to provide an organizational structure for the operation of the Shxw’ōwhámél First Nation to maintain harmonious, respectful, effective and efficient relationships between the Si:yá:m, Administrator, and Shxw’ōwhámél First Nation members.

We are actively engaged in re-establishing the Tiyt Tribe

The Tiyt Tribe are upriver Stó:lō people, and are comprised of Chowathel, Skw’atets, Sq’ewqel, Shxw’ōwhámél, Sqewá:lxw, Iwowes, Popkw’em and Xwoxweha:lhp. We hold title, rights and interests to S’olh Temexw, which is defined by our Halq’méylem dialect and the five subdialects that we speak. Chichelh Siy:am placed us here within S’olh Temexw, and has given us:




We are actively engaged in re-establishing the Tiyt Tribe

Re-establishing the Tiyt Tribe.

Our relationship to S’olh Temexw defines our identity – the health of our members, the vibrancy of our culture, and the welfare of our children are inextricably linked to the well-being of the land, air, water, resources and wildlife within S’olh Temexw

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