Post Secondary Application

Post Secondary Student Support Application Package

Filling out the application does not guarantee sponsorship, however, your application will still be reviewed and considered for sponsorship.

The priority of sponsorship is as follows:

  1. Continuing Students: are students currently enrolled in post secondary studies or university/college entrance program and have successfully completed and are enrolled in another year of studies

  2. Grade 12 Graduates: are students that have successfully completed the Dogwood Program

  3. Deferred Students: are applicants that have applied but were not able to attend because lack of funding

  4. Vocational/Part-time Students: are applicants applying to a trade program and students attending their program less than three days a week. 

  5. Interrupted Studies: are students who did not successfully complete their program at any level. The circumstance under which the student did not finish their program will be taken into consideration by the Education Committee upon reapplying. 

***** Applications are due by May 1st Every Year. *****

To be included in your application: 

Upload Acceptance Letter
Upload Official Transcripts
Upload Career Assessment
Upload copy of Status Card
Upload copy of Dependents ID
Upload Goals & Objectives ltr
Upload copy of recent Resume
Upload Criminal Record Check
Upload Student Waiver Form