social housing program

The Capital Housing & Infrastructure Manager position is responsible for the planning, organization, and coordination of the Shxw'owhamel community’s capital projects, housing, public works, and maintenance department.

The Capital Housing & Infrastructure Manager must handle sensitive and confidential information in a discrete and professional manner and work collaboratively and productively with Shxw'owhamel Si:ya:m Council and Housing Committee, and engage directly with other leadership from external businesses, governments and community stakeholders in a professional and effective manner.

The Housing Office Assistant will be responsible for performing clerical and administrative duties, that may include establishing, maintaining, processing, and updating files, records, and other documents, sorting and delivering departmental mail, and maintaining and filing tenant records.

The Public Works Department is an in-scope position whose duties are primarily related to maintenance of the transportation and water distribution networks.

The Maintenance Worker duties include cleaning and repairing facilities and equipment.


Planning community facilities like the new SFN Administration & Health Centre, determine costs, tender contracts, plan the design with architects and oversee construction.  The needs are determined at the community level and members are consulted in the design.

The Social Housing Program aims to fulfill its commitment to provide better living conditions for the members of SFN, while operating in accordance with clear business principles and remaining fiscally responsible and accountable to its membership.



Takes care of the maintenance of all water systems to ensure safe potable water for all members on SFN water system, maintenance and upkeep of all Band parks, and maintenance of all SFN buildings to ensure a safe work place for all staff. 


Analyze repairs requests and troubleshoots. Stocks adequate maintenance materials and equipment. Operate maintenance equipment safely to avoid accidents, in charge of the maintenance tools and equipment to ensure they are kept in safe, clean and good working conditions.

S'ólh téméxw te íkw'elò. Xólhmet te mekw' stám it kwelát
This is our land. We have to take care of everything that belongs to us.