Lands Manager

About the Program

For most First Nations, the Indian Act controls how their reserve lands and resources are managed. This includes how their reserve lands are used or developed for personal, community and economic development purposes.

The First Nations Land Management Regime gives First Nations more control over their reserve lands and resources by allowing them to opt out of the 34 sections of the Indian Act related to land management. Under the Regime, First Nations develop their own laws to manage their reserve lands, including laws governing land designations, environmental protection and matrimonial real property.

First Nations in the Regime are free to develop projects on reserve land without approval from the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development. These First Nations can respond to new business opportunities more quickly and efficiently than those whose reserve lands remain under the Indian Act.

First Nations will soon be operating or developing their land codes under the Regime. First Nations operating with their own land codes have been successful in taking advantage of greater economic development opportunities at the speed of business.

The Lands Manager is Alfred James